Personal Assistants

Business has always been a large industry in Canada, one that grows steadily along with the purchasing power of the average Canadian. Not everyone is equipped to open their own business designing homes or selling jewelry, but that doesn't mean you can't take advantage of this growth industry. The larger a business becomes the more tasks there are to keep track of, and at a certain point it becomes impossible for one person to handle. That's when business people go looking to hire a personal assistant.

A personal assistant's job is to take care of the routine and incidental tasks that his or her boss needs done so that the boss is free to focus on more important matters that require his or her special skills. So if you were a personal assistant, you might find yourself answering the telephone, making appointments for clients, sending out bills, and sorting your boss's mail while your boss was busy with clients.

No two personal assistants have the same tasks, since the work that gets delegated to the assistant depends on whether the boss is a librarian, a landscape designer, or the CEO of a large company. However, most personal assistants work in office settings. They tend to handle tasks like answering the phone, filtering the email from the boss's work account, making the boss's travel arrangements, and typing up letters and documents. It's sort of like being a secretary, but with more responsibility. A lot of bosses even want their assistants to travel with them.

If you want to become a personal assistant, you could get into the industry by taking an administration course at a community college. However, many people use the personal assistant position as a stepping stone into a certain industry, like film or publishing, so if you want to be an assistant to a specialized professional, like a doctor or professor, you might consider doing your studies in that field. Many bosses prefer assistants who have knowledge of the field already.

Aside from work skills, personal assistants have to be hard workers. If you want to be a personal assistant at a mortgage company in Canada, you'll need to know how to multi-task, be comfortable talking on the telephone, have knowledge of computers, and sometimes even be willing to put your personal life on hold whenever your boss calls.

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