Investing in Canadian Real Estate

Up until about four years ago, real estate was seen as a safe investment, one of the few guaranteed growth industries out there. The theory was that they weren't making any more land, and the population continued to grow. It made sense for everyone to get their foot in the door of real estate, even if they had to agree to large mortgages to do it.

The real estate crash a few years back changed all that, although the United States felt the impact more than Canada did. In fact, one could safely say that real estate didn't crash in Canada so much as slow down. Our banking system is a lot sounder than that of our southern cousins, meaning that not many owners of real estate in Toronto suffered through foreclosures or desperate sales.

That said, the recession resulting from the crash in the States did play a part in a minor decrease in the prices of homes. That decrease was felt the most in southern Ontario, as well as some of the rural, one resource towns found throughout Canada; however, it appears that the country is now out of the recession times, and things are starting to swing back into motion again. That's good news for people looking to invest money, because after a downturn, real estate is a prime place to place your trust.

For starters, homes are probably less costly now than they ever will be again. Eager sellers want to take advantage of that $10,000 extra they can get for their house, and don't want to take a chance it will dip again. It's good news for those interested in buying, too. You can see some current listings, with their asking price, by clicking here.

There are also more properties held by banks than at any other point, although investors will have to be patient and do their homework in order to get a good return on these. Power of sale properties are bank property, and the bank is only looking at the bottom line. It can afford to hang onto the property for a while, so you might be in for some hard negotiating.

As always, Canada's largest cities will see investors receiving the most returns for their money. For most of our history, Toronto investment real estate has been the best guarantee, thanks to the city's size; however, those with quite a lot of extra capital might want to think about Vancouver or Montreal. Both cities have maxed out as far as land use.

Whether you are looking to buy and put a Toronto condo for rent or purchase some commercial property in Saskatoon, there's never been a better time to invest in Canadian real estate. With a good plan and a bit of extra money, you can take part in this growth industry.

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