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There might be no better example of a very successful growth industry over the last decade than that of home staging. When people first started to conceive of the idea of making a home for sale more appealing to buyers by depersonalizing and refurnishing it, they must have been thought of as crazy. After all, don't homes already have that lived in appeal, and potential buyers can see themselves moving into a space without the help of a professional?

Well, apparently not, and with some reflection it is actually easy to see why. Think about the last time you were looking at properties for sale. How many of them had a certain smell to them you found unpleasant, and turned you off of making an offer right away? Then there is the matter of human perception. Many people (probably yourself if you are honest!) like to fill up their rooms with various pieces of furniture and decorations, often to the point of overcrowding them.

And then there is the matter of personal taste. You might think that your condo is perfectly decorated, in a matter anyone could appreciate. However, potential buyers may not see the decor as appealing, but gaudy or downright ugly instead.

On an intellectual level, this should not matter. After all, a potential buyer has the ability to change around a home after a purchase just as much as the current owner does. But remember, when it comes to real estate, perception is almost everything in a successful sale. People who can envision themselves living in a house, with little work to be done, are often willing to make frequent and higher offers than they otherwise would.

And that is why home staging has taken off so well in the world of real estate today. The whole point of the business is to accent the highlights of a home, while at the same time making it generic enough to appeal to everyone. Think of an Ikea showroom and you have some idea. People can see how the set up would work in their own homes, and that is what makes them buy the furniture.

Not only is home staging in demand, it does not take a lot in terms of training or capital to be successful. You just have to have some money to buy furniture you'll use over and over, and a keen eye for decor. To view some excellent examples of home color choices that are being used by painting companies visit this house painting company in Ottawa's webiste.

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