Financially Rewarding Careers

If you are taking the time to get an education in order to pursue a job, you probably want to know that it is in a growth industry. Which fields today are looking for people, and will probably be looking for more people in the future? Areas where there are a dearth of applicants (or which have high projected retirement rates) are likely to be the highest paying jobs, but which areas are they?

You might actually be surprised at the answer. Most people have an idea of the top five occupations as far as salaries by the time they are teenagers. Lawyers, doctors, and CEOs usually top the list. We can't argue with the CEO part, but the other two positions might not be as lucrative as you might think. There are many lawyers working in Canada in big firms like this one that actually make very good income, buth the career for some can be unpredictable. The potential income in most careers will change with time and the economy, but here is a look at a few jobs which will probably be financially rewarding well into the future.

First, there are nurses. It's hard to believe that a decade and a half ago nurses were poorly paid and looked over in most of the world. Today, a nurse can literally write her own ticket anywhere in the world. From home health care to hospital work in Saudi Arabia, nurses are the most in demand professionals out there, and the salaries reflect that.

Skilled tradespeople, particularly electricians and plumbers, are next in line for the jobs which are likely to pay very well both now and in the future. There seems to be no end of work for these individuals at any given time. Every boom town with money to throw away is looking for people to fill these positions, and it will stay that way.

Accountants are also in high demand, and that's probably the most comfortable job on our list. Sit at a computer all day crunching numbers, and bring home six figures. That's the reality, as everyone from schools, marketing firms to global businesses need to have accounting departments working for them.

Engineers are another group of people who can write their own ticket, and check, pursuing work in any number of different fields. Engineers design equipment used for a multitude of thins, they also put the blueprints together for our bridges and railroads. Major oil companies pay their engineers top dollar to design efficient rigs in an ever changing work environment.

Those are just a few of the jobs that are guaranteed to keep people working in the future, and with great compensation to boot. For all of them, only a four year degree is necessary!

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